Advanced Designing in 3D-CAD





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Mechanical Engineering




The requirements for participating in this course is basic CAD knowledge in mechanical design and 2D drawing techniques on a level that corresponds to the course ME-CAD1.

Main purpose

​The main purpose of the course is to provide the student with the knowledge and methods within the fields of more advanced CAD applications for use in the industry.



The student will acquire knowledge and become confident with the use of the software Autodesk Inventor on a more advanced level.
Most of the following topics will be covered:

  • Sheet Metal
  • IParts and IAssemblies (Family members) – based on parameters
  • IFeatures and feature reuse
  • Use of Content Center
  • Publishing to the Content Center
  • Assembly Functions and assembly reuse
  • Frame Generator
  • Weldment - design and documentation
  • Plastic Design
  • Surface Technology and Advanced Modelling
  • Dynamic Simulation
  • Design Accelerator (optional)
  • Rendering and animation (optional)
  • Manufacturing and CAM Programming incl lab exercises (optional)


The student will gain skills to handle and use a 3D CAD system in an engineering professional way and will be able to understand and select relevant tools and technologies



Use and Understand the role of 3D CAD technology in a deeper context regarding the interface and link to Manufacturing, Value Chain Management and Product Data Management.




Teaching methods and study activities

The course lasts for 12 weeks with 3 lessons per week. The total work load is 138 hours for the student. 
Class room teaching of course topics combined with practical exercises, cases, exercises and homeworks. The student is expected to make the practical exercises and homework between lessons. Hand In of all homeworks are mandatory. Feedback to homework will be given.
The student is required to install the newest version of the free CAD software on the student's own Windows laptop.
A final course assignment is done in groups and should cover most of the topics in the course.


Paul Munford / Paul Normand: "Mastering Autodesk Inventor" (Sybex)
Wasim Younis: "Up and Running with Autodesk Inventor Professional 2020" Part2 – Dynamic Simulation
Youtube videos (free access)
Autodesk Education website  
Notes from lecturer




Prerequisites for exam: 
Mandatory assignments handed in before deadline and accepted by the lecturer.
Any tests in laboratory accomplished and accepted.
Exam type:  
The evaluation is divided into 2 stages: The first stage (counting 40%) is based on a 2 hour exam in the usage of the CAD software. The second stage (counting 60%) is based the final and group based course assignment. 
To pass the course both stages must be passed with a minimum of 50% approved.
Censor: None

Tools allowed: 

Same as ordinary.


Grading criteria

7-point scale 

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Jens Obel Jepsen

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01-08-2022 00:00:00

Course type

6. semester
7. semester
Elective for Mechanical Engineering


Advanced 3D CAD features and functions, Simulation in 3D CAD