Innovation and Entrepreneurship project





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Global Business Engineering




Main purpose

​A cross-sectoral semester project that aims to develop and document an across disciplinary innovation and entrepreneurship project based on primary data collection. 


After having successfully completed the course, the students will have gained: 

  • An understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship and its uses within the field of engineering and business. 

  • Knowledge about three different innovation processes Design Thinking, Effectuation and Lean Startup

  • Knowledge about how to create a systematic and measurable progress in innovation and entrepreneurship tasks


After having successfully completed the course, the students will be able to:

  • Engage in innovative and entrepreneurial processes in a cross-discipline setting

  • Conceive, plan, and execute innovative ideas

  • Work methodically with innovation and entrepreneurship

  • Collect and apply relevant data/information about technologies, markets, and end users

  • Apply method to gain insights about the solutions impact on the current market. 

  • Convey and argue for the results of a cross-disciplinary project group and the project group's learning process using correct professional terminology and optimal tools both in writing, graphically and orally.


After having successfully completed the course, the students will have gained competences in: 

  • Introducing innovative ideas into project work

  • Contributing own professional skills in multidisciplinary teams with the objective of solving problems by using innovative and entrepreneurial processes and models

  • Clarifying multidisciplinary group competencies

  • Analyzing group dynamics and adapting working methods and collaboration methods to new group constellations to achieve effective collaboration in cross-disciplinary project teams

  • Independently structuring and planning own learning process in an interdisciplinary learning environment Able to independently argue for the application and implementation of valid knowledge 


Teaching methods and study activities

​Flipped classroom with teaching videos on Itslearning and process facilitation in class. 
Group work. 


​Teaching slides and supplementary material be uploaded on Itslearning’s room under resources.

The students will be evaluated based on their ability to meet the learning objectives.



​Exam prerequisites
Hand in 6 written assignments to be approved in WISEflow before deadline.

Type of exam:
Exam is based upon the IDE1-report submitted in WISEflow before deadline. 
The group presents their prototype/pretotype. The exam room can be customized by the group to support the presentation.
Group exam with individual assessment.
Group presentation approx. 15 minutes followed by joint evaluation with joint discussion and individual question rounds for approx. 60 minutes per group including assessment.
Individual grades are given based on an overall assessment of the submitted work as well as the individual's presentation during the exam.
External assessment.

Tools allowed

Based on the submitted project, the examiner gives the student guidance on necessary improvements in relation to passing the exam (possibly, that a new project should be prepared). The students are informed about specific deadlines and details of the project work. Project groups are formed if possible. No further guidance is provided in the period leading up to submission. The project is assessed at an oral project exam.

Grading criteria

​Grading based on the Danish 7-point scale.​

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Christian Sommer (CSOM)

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01-02-2024 00:00:00

Course type

Compulsory Course for Mechanical Engineering
6. semester


Types of innovation, Data collection, Innovation processes, Entrepreneurship, Prototyping, Testing, Business Modelling, Across disciplinary