Project Management





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Global Business Engineering




Students taking this course are assumed to be familiar with:
• Basic economic knowledge
• Be able to understand and actively use the English language

Main purpose

The purpose of this course is for the students to be familiar with the tools that can help the project manager being successful in his or her work. Focus will be on how to organize a complex cross-disciplinary project and apply relevant tool to minimize the risk of failure.


The students will be able to:
• Apply the planning process method to a complex project
• Describe and explain what it takes to manage and run a complex project


The students will be able to use the methodology and tools for…
• Estimating Project Time and Costs
• Planning a Project
• Using Risk Management
• Conducting Team Management
• Completing a project


During the course the students will work with analysis of a real time project and by applying acquired theoretical knowledge being able to outline used methods and tools including:
• Project Description / Scope
• Project plan
• Project organization
• Risk Analysis
• Communication plan based on stakeholder analysis
All leading to successfully managing and controlling a project.


Teaching methods and study activities

Teaching methods and activities will be a combination of lecture presentations, casework, group discussions and presentations.
Students will through out of the semester work in groups of 3 – 5 students on a case on project management from a company of their own selection. During the course frequent feedback sessions will take place. The findings from the casework must be presented in a written report, which will be handed in by the end of the semester


Project management – The Managerial Process by Erik W. Larson / Clifford F. Gray. Latest edition.



Prerequisites for exam:
Hand in and acceptance of all mandatory group assignments.
Exam type:
Written examination consisting of two reports. One being the written group report on the case work handed in before end of semester and one being a final individual reflection report produced after hand in of group report
External censor is used.
Grade is based on overall assessment of written group report and individual report.

Tools allowed: All

: As ordinary

Grading criteria

7-point scale

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Project Definition, Planning, Execution, Delivering