Project Management – Methods and Tools

​This module provides you with tools for structuring and controlling projects. The module also allows you to reflect upon the juxtapositions in the role as a project manager and discuss the range of practices of project management with fellow students.


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  • ​When you have completed this module, you have gained new qualifications for the practice of project management and explored the dimensions of the project management discipline.

    You will be able to:

    • Analyse and structure a project for execution
    • Prepare and execute communication, control, and evaluation
    • Use tools to manage in virtual and distributed settings
  • ​The module gives you knowledge about different project working methods. 


    • Establishing a situation analysis – understanding the stakeholders and the business aspects, the organizational aspects, and the technological basis of the project
    • Defining benefits, requirements and product specification
    • Planning – including network analyses, Gantt charts and resource planning
    • How to build an efficient organisation around the project
    • The phases of the project – processes and structure at the establishment, development, and conclusion of the project
    • Handling distributed teams and the challenges of a global organisation
    • Establishing project resources and cost controls
    • The role of the project manager
    • Managing meetings in projects
    • Documentation
    • Moving projects towards more agility
  • ​The target group is new project managers.

  • ​The teaching is application-oriented and involves the participants’ experiences and practice intensively throughout the module. Thus, all days of instruction consist of presentations concerning theory and methodology, introduction to tangible tools and intensive training and feedback. The students will be guided through a process where they will relate to relevant processes and projects of their knowledge, both theoretically and in practice.

    The teaching takes place over six whole days supplemented by two webinars with focus on the intercultural aspect.

    Our approach to learning and development is formed through the participant’s commitment, involvement and desire to learn – stimulated by inspiration, demands and challenges.

  • ​To be accepted for the Diploma in Project Management you must have:

    • An academic profession degree (a 2-year professionally oriented higher education), a bachelor degree or higher
    • Two years of relevant work experience after completed qualifying education

    Also, it is recommend that the students have experience with project management or project work.



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