Anne Møller Jensen & Laurits Gersbøll

Our lamp “Klemt” aims to give a general impression of what a taboo is.

Anne Møller Jensen


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Instagram: @anne_mol_jen

Our design

Our lamp “Klemt” aims to give a general impression of what a taboo is. In “Klemt” we have tried to visualise how it feels to have a taboo imposed on you. It manipulates glass to look like it is being choked by the metal grid.    

I have chosen furniture design to help shape the future and to create and innovate. As a designer, you look for opportunities and always take the time to ask “why...?”. I want to make furniture that is focused on problem-solving and on telling a story. It is the thought of contributing with something meaningful that drives me as a designer.


Laurits Dam Gersbøll


T: 24 86 30 69

Instagram: lauritserokay

We have focused on illustrating the symbolic aspects of taboos, so the solid metal grid is the taboo that is “imposed” on the glass; a symbol of the fragile individual giving in.

Our inspiration

A taboo is a burden. It is shame, loneliness and the feeling of being trapped. There are hundreds of different taboos. Many people express their feelings and experiences through poetry, essays or articles. This is what inspired us.

Because even if their taboos are like day and night, the feelings people experience are quite similar. It is the feeling you get from being “the odd one out” and misunderstood. A taboo is the feeling of imprisonment that presses you out of shape.

To me, furniture design is all about responsibility. To design a piece of furniture, you have to account for many different aspects; everything from context to sustainability. To create something beyond functionality, the designer is responsible for making the right choices from idea to final product. This is why I find furniture design so interesting; it is a way to change how we perceive things and ultimately make a positive impact on society.


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