Henriette Bøgeskov Jørgensen

Design: Böj - a reinterpretation of the classic yoga mat 


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My design

Böj is a reinterpretation of the classic yoga mat. The idea behind my design is to make a piece of furniture that invites you to a quiet moment doing yoga where you can relax and reconnect with your inner spirit.

When you are done doing yoga, the flexible construction of the mat gives you the opportunity to roll it up and it will turn into an extra seat in your home.  

My inspiration

This project is about design to improve life and I chose to work with insomnia caused by stress due to our modern lifestyle.

To solve this problem, I was inspired by the philosophy of ancient Indian yoga. More specific, I was inspired by yin yoga, which is a slow-paced form of yoga. Yin represents the feminine and contemplation while yang represents the masculine and the hectic everyday life. By doing yoga, we can create balance in our lives and find peace.

That is the story I have tried to tell through my design. Yin and yang are both expressed in the form and colours.

Furniture design is not just about designing great furniture. It is also about a great deal of research, knowing and having an interest in your target group and being innovative. That is why I study furniture design, because it allows me to play around and have a lot of fun, while I design things that are meaningful to others.

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Henriette Bøgeskov

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