Lise Vester

Furniture design: PALLIUM


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My design

My design is for hospice patients to stimulate their last senses - hearing and touch. Pallium is a line of tactile products that give comfort, the feeling of safety and therapy for the patient lying in bed. The line is a combination of two heavy adjustable pillows and a sound pillow. 

Pallium is Greek for palliation and is all about giving the patient the best care and life quality until the end. Pallium means “blanket” and is a metaphor for covering the patient in care.

My inspiration

My inspiration derives from personal experience with family I have lost. The atmosphere in and philosophies of a hospice has made a deep impact on me.

Therefore, I have the desire to create a product - in the spirit of palliation and hospice mentality - that can improve life quality for bedridden patients who deserve the absolute best. 

I think it is a gift to design. You have the opportunity to create inventive products that can improve everyday life, shape our physical world and people’s wellbeing. I believe that beautiful and functional surroundings make us happier.

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Lise Vester

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