Mathias Bek 

Design: MEND - a dining chair


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My design

Mend is a regular dining chair that gives you a better posture when you work on you laptop at the dining table.

Mend is an everyday dining chair with a normal seat height. When needed, Mend can reach a second and higher seat height simply by changing the position of the runner frame.

The change in height is possible due to the specific characteristics of the metal frame exploiting the tension and flexibility of the material. In this way it creates a more appropriate seating position.  

My inspiration

The number of people who work at home at their dining tables is increasing and that creates a problem with bad seating positions causing backaches. Therefore, I wanted to create a chair that appears to be a simple dining chair, but when there is a need for it, it is possible to adjust the chair to improve the seating position at the dining table.

This is why I wanted to challenge the perception of the appearance of a height adjustable chair. The inspiration for the design of Mend comes from an interest in exploring the possibilities and characteristics of materials combined with an aim of creating functional design with simple aesthetic solutions. 

With Furniture Design, I have the possibility to challenge traditions by balancing innovation, aesthetic solutions, functionality, and business. Working with furniture design gives me the opportunity to follow my passion for creating and designing the products of tomorrow.

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Matias Bek

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