Amanda Walther

PLAY - a reinterpretation of a classic play table. The idea is to engage the users to take a break and start a game


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My design

PLAY is a reinterpretation of the classic play table. The idea behind my design is to engage the user to start a dice or card game. With its adjustable tabletops, it can both be a play table and a coffee table, depending on the use in the current situation.

My inspiration

I was inspired by the fact that games bring people of all ages together at all times. This project had to focus either on making a furniture for the online or offline world, where I chose to focus on bringing people together through an offline activity as games.

To solve this problem, I wanted to reuse some of the traditional play table materials in my design, wood and felt, further supported by the contrasting steel base.


To me, furniture design is a combination of craftsmanship and art. It is a problem solver that enriches the life of its user, both aesthetically and functionally. I love the complex and challenging design process and the fulfilment in bringing an idea to life. With my interest for the tactility of a product, I try to make it perfect and to use the right materials.

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