Anne Mette Vinther Hansen

T: + 45 93 93 29 04
Instagram: metmedk


The importance of creating aesthetically sustainable clothes with high durability and thereby reducing overconsumption, is what inspired me to enter the fashion industry.


My collection

The collection makes you take a step backwards and observe your perspective. To have a perspective means to see an object from a certain point of view, but what happens if you change this perspective by physically moving to another point of view? My collection offers designs which are aesthetically sustainable in a classic, cool and yet feminine way.


My inspiration

Perspective AW18 is inspired by a concept of changing perspective when physically moving. These movements are illustrated, shaped and formed on the body - which moves and constantly changes the perspective.


My approach to design in three words

Aesthetically sustainable. Conceptual. Experimental. 

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Models and look: Unique Models
Photos: Sebastian Vistisen Toft