Astrid Agerskov

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Instagram: astridagerskov
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I love fashion because it is a functional necessity and an art form that is both a reflection of history as well as of the individual. In reality, fashion is a way of communicating who we are in a specific time and space.



My collection

The Medea Collection is inspired by Euripides’ tragedy Medea and how it reflects back on modern day and feminism. Her revenge was devastating and bloody before escaping in a godly golden
chariot. Medea was both a heroine and a villain, but she was also the true rebel and feminist of her time. The Medea Collection is a sensual tribute to the female body and womanhood in general. Bold colour choices, flowy silhouettes and unique prints combined with experimental textile designs and deconstructed menswear define a look that is both strong and delicate. The fight for women’s rights is happening right now. Do you have your battle armor ready?


My inspiration

My main source of inspiration comes from subcultures, nature and working with textile design. My goal is to create a utopian fantasy world, where fashion tells the story. I’m inspired by strong people, and aim to create new fashion that can convey and give power and confidence. My love of fashion builds on a foundation that acknowledges and appreciates it’s ability to be multiple things at the same time; modern and timeless, functional and artistic, necessary and excessive.


My design in three words

Storytelling. Curiosity. Craftsmanship.

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Models and look: Unique Models
Photos: Sebastian Vistisen Toft