Irina-Ana Budac

T: + 40 758 863 151

Facebook: bumagn.official/


I always knew I would pursue a career in the creative fields. I tried many different things and always ended up in the pursuit of the next. Fashion marked the end of the pursuit for the perfect fit as it naturally stuck to me and developed me further. 


My collection
“The art collector” tells a story of a lonely man that goes through different stages of mental illness. Though the inspiration and background story is dark, the collection stays playful and humoristic. Divided into three stages, the collection follows the daily routine of a man that tries to fulfil his loneliness by collecting paintings, which later on leads into madness as he starts talking to his paintings. He eventually starts obsessively painting his whole house and bathes in paint in the hope of bringing colour and happiness into his life. Filled by hopelessness the art collector covers himself in paint and commits suicide, which can be interpreted as a symbolical attempt of becoming one of the paintings and finding peace. The collection serves as a first step towards building the menswear brand Bumagn, a new journey and project on which I proudly embark on at the end of my studies at VIA Design.


My inspiration
I take great pleasure in creating stories and characters that focus on the absurdity of life and shows the struggles of the human condition from a humoristic angle. I believe that fashion should be a story teller and should always carry a message. Mine is: Life is too short to be focused on the negatives. Make your life a comedy and always laugh at your monsters.


My approach to design in three words:
Humoristic. Theatrical. Conceptual.   

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Models and look: Unique Models
Photos: Sebastian Vistisen Toft