Nisrine Ayad Maati

T.: +45 31 90 09 31
Instagram: nisrinemaati 
LinkedIn: nisrine-maati


Clothing is communication; it’s a language we unconsciously absorb. As a fashion designer, I wanted to create my own fashion vocabulary by creating wearable conceptual designs for the fashion scene. 


My collection

With my “TAYOUSAI AW 18/19”, I wanted to create a collection that is both avant garde, wearable and with a clear concept. The collection is a mix of cultures, blending elements of traditional Scandinavian minimalism with multicultural influences. As the world gets smaller, everything gets blended together. The collection focuses on exquisitely constructed effortless styles in fabrics of greatly varying weights, from dense sculptural cashmere, exclusive mink and the finest of silk. Everything revolves around duality as well as attention to reductionist detailing, pared down to only those elements that can stand up to close inspection. 


My inspiration

With my multicultural background, I wanted to incorporate more diversity to the Danish fashion culture, mixing the well-known Scandinavian simplicity of minimalism into another culture. The inspiration aimed to capture the minimalistic shapes and forms with an accent of the Argentinian “Los Gauchos”.


My design in three words 

Attitude. Duality. Craftsmanship.

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Models and look: Unique Models
Photos: Sebastian Vistisen Toft