Jesse Cornelissen

Fashion Design graduate 2018

Jesse Cornelissen
T: +316 40 87 65 37
Instagram: jessecornelissen

I want to make a change in fashion by designing non-gendered collections and hereby creating the feeling of freedom to be your true self and to be able to express yourself through fashion. I want to create stories with the collections, which might be slightly confronting, but could also work as an eye-opener.

My collection

The collection is called “Juxtapose”. This name has been chosen to describe the contrast between fabrics, colours and materials. It also describes the contrast between self-expression and self-harm. The feeling of creating a personality which is as close as possible to your true self by developing in the way you feel most comfortable. It is inspired by the music lyrics by the artist/producer Kanye West.

My inspiration

The collection is mainly inspired by the following three lines written by Kanye West:

“The most beautiful thoughts are always besides the darkness”

“Once again I am a child
I let it all go of everything that I know
Of everything that I know
And nothing hurts anymore
I feel kinda free
We’re still the kids we used to be”

“I put my hand on a stove 
To see if I still bleed 
nothing hurts anymore 
I feel kinda free”

My design in 3 words

Non-gendered, self-expression, trend-based

Models and look: Le Management
Photos: Sebastian Vistisen Toft