Katrine Lund Hansen

Fashion Design graduate 2018

Katrine Lund Hansen 
T: +45 51 31 19 61
E: katrinelh@hotmail.com
W: https://katrinelh.myportfolio.com
Instagram: @katrinelh

I have always wanted to express myself and tell stories with a meaning - and maybe have an influence on other people. Fashion Design is my way of expressing my beliefs and points of view.

My collection

A collection that plays with the classic silhouettes and asks questions of why things are as they are. It’s a collection that illustrates the layers of being human. As people, we are part of various different contexts, and we interact with a variety of different people and things. All the things we experience make us who we are, they transform and create us. This collection is an example of things put together in different ways to create an entire powerful garment. 

My inspiration

The collection “Layers of Being Human” is inspired by people and how we are part of various different contexts and interact with a variety of different people and things. This makes us who we are. From every new experience that comes our way, we create a new us; we add a new layer to our skin. The collection represents the layers of being human; everything has a purpose or meaning, and life is a process that never ends. The collection is here to challenge the classic silhouettes of the suit. 

My design in 3 words

Curious, craftsmanship, aesthetic. 

Models and look: Le Management
Photos: Sebastian Vistisen Toft