Nickie Geneser Bach

Fashion Design graduate 2018

Nickie Geneser Bach 
T: +45 30 27 44 39 
Instagram: @featheryfireofficial

I love to create! A creative living is for me a way of constantly breaking out of your comfort zone at the same time as creating the most beautiful and comfortable life.

My collection

“She dared to explore the unknown and deepest imaginations of her mind and in this way she opened her eyes in wonderland.”
This collection is a reflection on a world we only explore when we are asleep. How can our dreams interfere with our everyday lives and be part of a world where fiction becomes the real thing?

My inspiration

The collection embraces the beautiful qualities of handwoven Royal Thai silk where textures, fabric manipulations and depth are explored in a contemporary context. This collection is built around the 8th Celebration of Silk in Bangkok 2018. It addresses the use of traditional Thai silk in the contemporary fashion industry and the impact of Thai silk production on Thailand seen from a socio-economic perspective. 

My design in 3 words

Explorative, elegant & imaginary

Models and look: Le Management
Photos: Sebastian Vistisen Toft