Shanice Marie Otersen

Fashion Design graduate 2018

Shanice Marie Otersen
T: +49 176 96524862
Instagram: @googleismyreligion

I chose to study design because I love the process of creating. It is the greatest pleasure to see your own ideas come to life.

My collection

My collection is an expression of social anxiety. It portrays the feeling of being observed and judged by others constantly. The excessive prints create an unusual look while the garments themselves are very wearable. 

My inspiration

I was inspired by anxiety, especially social anxiety. Anxiety is a mental health condition, which puts the sufferer in a state of constant threat expectancy. I became interested in the symptoms of anxiety and the feelings it evokes in the people who struggle with it. 

My design in 3 words

Contemporary, colorful, quirky. 

Models and look: Le Management
Photos: Sebastian Vistisen Toft