Ann-Cathrine B. Hansen

Fashion Design graduate 2019



Phone: +45 20 82 59 94


Instagram: @Anncbh

LinkedIn: Ann-Cathrine B. Hansen


For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by working with the personal expression that clothing is for us and how important it is to make us feel comfortable.

My collection

My collection is about creating space for the body diversity that exists for all target groups and encourages diversity rather than embracing an ideal. I work in a universe that mixes the masculine, feminine, practical, formal and sporty.

My inspiration

This collection is inspired by hospitals. My aim was to find inspiration that also embraced diversity.
I continue to work with details from uniforms, quilts, logos, and patient clothing.

My design in 3 words

Practical, Durable & Sculptural

My VR fashion film

This film is made for VIA Design & Business' exhibition ERA360 where it's viewed through virtual reality headsets. That way you get the full experience of standing inside the designer’s unique universe with a 360-degree view of everything. Naturally, it will be a very different experience to watch it on your own device. Use the arrows on your computer or click and drag in order to "look around".

Models: Le Management
Photos: Sebastian Vistisen Toft
Hair & Make-up: Tina Deleuran