Astrid Gloria van Rijn

Fashion Design graduate 2019



Phone: +25 28 49 65 78


Instagram: @astridgloria

LinkedIn: Astrid Gloria van Rijn


I want to mirror how different fields can collaborate and create new innovative products. This will always be my creative mission. 

My collection

The collection “Summit” expresses the need for more innovative and highly technological products. A combination of my design identity and ski apparel mirrors how different design fields can collaborate and create innovative and new products. Each style is either breathable, windproof or waterproof.

My inspiration

My many years of living as a ski bum, makes it natural for me to work with the mood around off-piste skiing. By sourcing various high-tech materials, the collection tries to create a timeless and unconventional design universe built around creativity, storytelling and craftsmanship.

My design in 3 words

Active Performance Wear.

My VR fashion film

This film is made for VIA Design & Business' exhibition ERA360 where it's viewed through virtual reality headsets. That way you get the full experience of standing inside the designer’s unique universe with a 360-degree view of everything. Naturally, it will be a very different experience to watch it on your own device. Use the arrows on your computer or click and drag in order to "look around".

Models: Le Management
Photos: Sebastian Vistisen Toft
Hair & Make-up: Tina Deleuran