Bachelor Project (ME-)





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Mechanical Engineering




ME-BPR1 approved, ME-INP1 approved. Past 175 ECTS

Main purpose

To document the ability to work efficiently and self-driven in collaboration with others as a Mechanical Engineer. 
To deliver expected results in time by acting proactive if obstacles occurs.
A profound understanding of natural scientific issues, applied engineering, experimental qualifications and IT tools. Also it is an objective that the graduates develop qualifications to function as a project manager within the field of mechanics, both nationally and internationally.




1. Translate technical research results as well as scientific and technical knowledge to practical application in in solving technical problems.

2. Critically acquire new knowledge within relevant fields of engineering.

3. Solve occurring engineering tasks independently.

4. Conceive, design and implement technical and technological systems and whenever relevant pay the necessary considerations to social, economic, environmental and occupational health topics.

5. The degree in mechanical engineering at VIA University College furthermore aims to qualify graduates to perform work functions, where the main objectives are product development and design of machines and systems, with an option of specialising within one of the three following categories:
1) Intelligent Mechanics
2) Polymers and Composites
3) Sustainable energy.




Teaching methods and study activities

The project work is to follow the setup defined in the approved ME-BPR1 Project Description and thus to considered in conjunction with this.
The project work is performed in groups of approx. 3-4 students.
The budgeted workload for each student is approximately 410 hours.
Resources: All course curriculum from previous and existing semesters including self-gained knowledge.
Total allocated supervision per Project Group is approximately 15 hours.





Requirements for attending exam:
In order to be evaluated at the examination the project report must be handed in on time.
Type of exam
The examination will be carried out as follows: The whole group will present the project in approx. 30 minutes followed by an individual examination with the whole group present. Total durance approx. 45 minutes/ student. The basics for the examination are the Project report (Including Product Description, Process Report and appendices included) and the joint presentation of the project.

Grading criteria

The grades will be awarded individually according to the Danish 7-point grading scale

Additional information

The BPR 1 is to be seen in connection with BPR2. Therefore the total content of the Bachelor Project is to cover a workload equivalent to 20 ECTS.


Martin Møhl

Valid from

01-02-2019 00:00:00

Course type

7. semester