Designing for a responsible future

Meet 14 talented graduates who are exhibiting their individual comments to the state of the fashion industry, and point out new and alternative ways of creating and defining fashion for a responsible future.

Find us at CIFF

Visit us at CIFF for Copenhagen Fashion Week from February 2 – 4th 2022 at stand E-004.

Model wearing fashion student Chenert's design from his graduation collection


"I'm On Board" is like a never-ending metro ride not knowing where to step off. The whole collection is made by using deadstock fabrics, production waste or leftover materials.
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Model wearing fashion graduate Lukas' design

Lukas Westerbrink

‘HEIMAT’ pays homage to the coal mining region Ruhr Valley. As part of this tribute, it rethinks how we can  use forgotten or discarded resources to develop innovative, recycled garments.
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Model wearing fashion graduate Fanni's design

Fanni Vonnák

A representation of the stages of paranoia created by the unsustainability and climate change. Deadstock, non-biodegradable & non-recyclable materials e.g. expired safety vests & billboards.
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Model wearing fashion graduate Myro's design

Myroslava Vetokha-Kopadze

Fashion poses a threat in the form of manufacturing waste. This is an example of how to make zero-waste clothes. It presents the idea of a "right angle" cut allowing to minimize waste.
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Two models wearing fashion graduate Anne Mette's design

Anne Mette Sørensen

“Grief is fluid” is fashion without the use of plastic and is adjustable across sizes and gender. It’s developed in hemp, TENCELTM and ECOVEROTM , fused with fabric manipulation and botanical dyeing.
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Two Models wearing fashion graduate Louise's design

Louise Højriis

A reinterpretation of classic tailored menswear with boxing as the inspiration. Made-to-order. Mostly deadstock materials and minimization of waste created by mass production.
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Model wearing fashion graduate Martyna's design

Martyna Roksana Brechelke

Raising awareness about our personalities - a call for questioning patterns and acting consciously by upcycling ”non-fashion” objects. Resources are everywhere.
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Four models wearing fashion graduate Ida's design

Ida Heick

Expressive and rebellious designs created by Ida Heick's inner nonbinary formal Punk. JUST LET ME FUCKING BE originates from a numb feeling that grew into a safe space for living and experimenting. 
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Model wearing fashion graduate Silke's design

Silke Renée Sinnerup

This collection rebels against this new culture of perfection through underlying activistic elements. Imperfection is the true beauty and what makes every individual unique.
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Model wearing fashion graduate Line's design

Line Rehmeier

A concept that challenges the status quo on hyper feminine clothing with focus on prints & material manipulations. A made-to-order concept honoring slow fashion by only producing what has been ordered.
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Model wearing fashion graduate Emma's design

Emma Kathrine Beuchert

The collection’s styles include features, details, and large fits that support the inclusivity of different bodies and genders. Residual and waste materials are given new life in new fabrics.
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Model wearing fashion graduate Julie's design

Julie Larsen

Inspired by Dadaism, an anti-authoritarian and critical approach to art, mixed with a responsible approach to fashion. A collection with a different, but subtle expression made from deadstock.
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Model wearing fashion graduate Maria's design

Maria Lohmann

How do we break the taboo and enlighten the problematics of domestic violence using clothing as an outlet? Here the UN’s global goal of gender equality has been my main focus.
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Model wearing fashion graduate Cecilie's design

Cecilie Damgaard

Time is precious, time is money. Where did the time go?  This collection focuses on slowing down and worshipping slow fashion, quality and good old craftmanship.
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