Virtual Reality Rehabilitation

Idea by: Paula Epure, Daniel Christensen, Cristina Gheorghe. // Education: MSc. in Medialogy - Interaction Design, Aalborg Universitet.


Virtual Reality Rehabilitation rethinks the rehabilitation process of post-stroke population. Stroke, has been declared the leading cause of disability around the world.

The conventional rehabilitation is a long and exhausting process with inefficient results. Our solution is to use Virtual Reality for rehabilitation.

The system proposed consists of: A head mounted display simulating the virtual environment, a hand-tracking device - motion sensitive to different hand and arm movements and a desktop computer to support and run the software. The software is a task simulator game that replicates training exercises from independent Activity of Daily Living (iADL), which are conventionally applied in rehabilitation.
The system will increase patients’ motivation to train intensively, for a superior rehabilitation outcome. It offers real-time feedback and a precise supervision of the rehabilitation progress.
The system is built to personally fit each patient regardless of their condition by personal calibration. Economically, the system could reduce the cost of rehabilitation by enhancing a faster recovery. Additionally, it could replace the rooms that are specially designed for iADL training and assists the therapists in their reports and documentation regarding the patients.

See a video presentation of the project