Louise Laursen & Emil Jørgenen

Taking inspiration from metacognitive therapy, LEAN lends insight into depression.


Louise Laursen Bitsch

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T: +45 60 83 33 41

Instagram: @louiselbitsch 

Our design

Taking inspiration from metacognitive therapy, LEAN lends insight into depression. This form of therapy trains your awareness and helps you escape unwanted overthinking which characterises depression. The pleasant patterns on the tactile surfaces underneath the armrest and on the cushion make you focus on the present moment.

I have always been creative and motivated to make projects where I can include people. I chose to study Furniture Design because I believe it’s about solving problems and creating feelings and value for others.


Emil Kristian Maegaard Jørgensen

E: emilkmj@hotmail.com

T: +45 24 91 60 96

Instagram: @underflod

LEAN creates an open and welcoming space that invites you to take a break. With thoroughly handcrafted details, we want to tell the story of the strong individuals who suffer from depression. 


Our inspiration

We can both very much relate to depression because both our moms have suffered from a depression.

We want to show our sympathy by telling how important it is to talk openly about depression and to provide insight into the illness. We found out that open conversations have an effect both for the people suffering from a depression and for their family or close friends. 

I’ve always loved to be a creater. Loved the fact that every case and every process is different. In my previous education, I studied innovation. Furniture design is a world of opportunities, and you’re able to constantly challenge yourself and your surroundings.


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