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Design: TILTY - a balance chair 


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My design

The starting point for my balance chair, Tilty, has been to help children and adults who suffer from short attention span to stay focused. You spend a tremendous amount of energy to sit in an upright position on Tilty and that increases your attention and concentration and makes it easier to stay focused. 

Furthermore, the height adjustable rocking chair provides a good posture and helps to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, the lower back and pelvis. The chair makes you tighten your muscles creating a static training that can remedy i.e. slipped disc. 

The rocking chairs that are already on the market are very cold and are often made of plastic, and to many people they clash with their interior design. Therefore, my focus was on designing a balance chair that would fit perfectly into a contemporary interior design. That is why I have chosen materials as wood and leather that is found in many modern homes.

My inspiration

First and foremost children and adults with concentration difficulties. I always keep the end user in mind when I design and develop a new product. The piece has to be functional and easy to use.

For this chair, it was particularly important that the user would know how to use it simply through intuition. That is why I have made the height adjustment so simple: all you have to do is pull the leather strap. 

I chose to study furniture design to gain a network within the industry and to launch my products. The PBA in furniture design can help me reach this final stage and give me the opportunity to participate in fairs and networking events that will ultimately help me launch my own collections.

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Lene Madsen

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