Mikala Englund Skovdal 

Furniture design: DELIGHT - a light therapy lamp and an esthetic table lamp

Mikala Skovdal 

E: Mikala.skovdal@gmail.com
T: +45 28 68 31 14
Instagram: @mikalaskovdal

My design

DELIGHT is a light therapy lamp and also an esthetic table lamp.

The elegant and simple Danish design contributes to the decor with its two light sources; one that brightens your mood and one that illuminates your room.


My inspiration

Inspiration grows out of needs. I can identify myself with some of the darkness. The off shape of the veneer is symbolic.

When you suffer from a depression you might have to go the odd way around, but you will arrive in the end. The circular form is natural and offers a different light than the square screens at which we spend so much time to stare. Recharge with DELIGHT.

To me, Furniture Design is the merger between caring and creating, something that is a part of our human DNA.

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Mikala Skovdal

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