Simon Benjamin Christensen

Furniture design: BINARY SUNSET - floorlamp


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My design

BINARY SUNSET seeks to explore and rethink the field of therapeutic lights.

I used contemporary technology to make a sculptural and aesthetic floor lamp that fills out the function of a traditional floor lamp as well as the function of a therapeutic SAD light, while it actively contributes to the users’ décor all year round.   


My inspiration

My inspiration to work with SAD lights sprung from my own reoccurring experiences with SAD and my struggle to get past the long winters on the northern latitudes without the use of SSRI related medication.

It was positive to see that light therapy treatment is a promising alternative to medication, but disappointing to see that most of these lamps are also eyesores and clinic in their design. My goal was to design a SAD light that I would want as part of my interior all year round. A lamp that would contribute to a safe and positive atmosphere in the room it was placed in.  

I found the idea of working in a field where creativity, craftsmanship, and salesmanship went hand in hand very appealing. The field of design evolves all the time, always presenting you with new challenges and opportunities to learn new things.

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Simon Christensen

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