Adam Sixtus Gammelgaard

Design: ANAPP - a mixture of modern and classic design all the way through 


T: +45 25 17 67 03
Instagram: @adamgammelgaard

My design

My design is small table useable for an entrance, nightstand, or something third. It is a classic design with a modern approach and sight to it.

My design for the furniture fair is a representation of how long technology has come. I want to create awareness of the individual process that a smartphone has taken from us as users. Such things as a camera, calculator, flashlight, analog clock etc. are things that most of us never use nowadays because it is all inside the black square we carry with us at all cost. 

My inspiration

I am a big fan of both technology and old analog items, so for me this technology revolution gives me a bittersweet feeling. I would like to show people what they are missing from all the technology, and at the same time, I want people to be aware of how amazing a time we live in and how far we have come in only 10 years. 

I have always been creative, and for me furniture design was the right way to study my way into the design-world. Everything regarding design is very interesting for me, but there is something special about furniture. Many emotions come with it and it affects our surroundings. 

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