Ditte Vad

Aya pillows - an element that can turn into something new when combined with other elements 


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My design

The idea behind my design is to create one basic element that turns into something new when combined with other elements. It gives children the opportunity to create their own customized furniture in order to tumble around. The product consists of four bolsters connected by a thick elastic cord. The elastic cord makes it possible to pull apart the bolsters and twist them with others.

I wanted to design a product that increases children’s physical development and creativity without neglecting the products’ aesthetics and quality.

My inspiration

Children’s’ play with physical objects should increase the children’s’ ability to think abstract, solve problems, think logically and create their own games rather than a screen. 
I have dedicated this product to my newborn niece “Aya”. I hope that she will grow up learning through physical stimulation and play.  

As designers, we have the opportunity and ability to improve the world and to push it towards new directions. I aim to create simple and timeless designs meeting the potential of new compositions and innovative solutions.
This is my mission and why I study furniture design. 

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