Morten Schnedler

The Gather Lamp - a portable lamp that encourages the users to let go of their phones and engage in social interactions. 


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My design

The Gather Lamp is a battery powered portable lamp that encourages the users to let go of their smart devices and engage in social interactions. The slots on top of the lamp can house three smartphones and offers wireless charging for phones with that functionality. At the same time the lamp won’t light up if a phone isn’t placed in at least one of the slots, and the more phones are in the lamp, the brighter it will light up. This way the lamp offers both power and light if you are willing to trade in your smartphone and take part in offline social interactions.

My inspiration

I wanted to find a way to encourage people to look up from their phones and interact with each other in real life. Light has always been a natural gathering point for people, no matter if it’s a  warm bonfire, a lamp over the dinner table or an intimate candlelit dinner. 
This inspired me to create a lamp that demands the user’s presence to function, but at the same time gives something back, and embraces modern society’s dependence on smart devices. 

Being a designer allows me to take part in a wide range of exciting creative fields, and connects it all in the ability to solve real problems in people’s everyday life.

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