Sandra K. B. Mikkelsen

RYK - a combination of a daybed/a sofa/an armchair. The idea is to make a flexible and inviting platform that allows you to vary your seating or sleeping positions according to you needs.


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My design

A platform where you can vary your seating and sleeping positions depending on the situation. My design is a combination of a daybed/sofa/armchair. It is a flexible platform that allows you to move around the cushions and in this way change the look and the functionality.
It is a piece of furniture that complements both the offline and online aspect with a focus on the presence.

My inspiration

RYK is about improving everyday life by creating a furniture which can fulfil your needs for comfortably relaxing and interaction. I've been inspired by the everyday life and by the impact of the technological development, which has resulted in a merger of features. We're now able to do a lot of things from the same platform, which for instance, has led to the blurring of work and leisure. If we aren't being conscious and aware, we'll automatically deduct from physical presence and immersion.

Therefore, my focus has been to create a space which invites to interaction and thereby creating a state of presence.

Design is more than just shape and material, aesthetics, and functionality.
I have chosen to study furniture design because I have been attracted to design thinking -  the process from idea to the final product. For me, it is fascinating to follow the process.


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