Thomas Bundgaard

Movimento - a piece of furniture that enables an ergonomic working position - no matter who you are or where you are.


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My design

Movimento is a fusion of a coffee table, a lounge table and a working station. 
It’s designed to be placed in every context where people sit and work.  
Movimento has its name because of the many different movements in the table. It´s also a reference to the inspiration of the table

My inspiration

This project is inspired by the people who are spending many hours every day on their computer due to their work. The design is based on observations made off people working in different offices, with different structures. 

Furniture design is about much more than just furniture and design. For me it’s about balance. The balance between form and function. You can´t let the function dictate the form and you can’t make a compromise on function because of the form. 

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