Aleksandra Lad

T: (+45) 81 46 41 35

For me being a fashion design means to be a bit of everyone - a scientist, a psychologist, a discoverer, a historian, an architect. By diving into inspirations, you can constantly expand your knowledge and show it to the world in a creative way 

My collection

For the AW 2017/18 collection with the Polish name of SALA CHORYCH (in English: hospital ward), my main inspiration is the Polish hospital sector in the 70s-80s. The specific atmosphere of communist and post-communist hospitals in this period is presented from the points of views of doctors, patients and visitors, creating a collection with silhouettes that mix retrospective, playful and bizarre-looking elements and use colours typical of hospitals. With bold, innovative shapes, the designs are manufactured in own design materials and aimed at young people. 

My inspiration 

A permanent part of my DNA and the strongest influence on my designs are the 80s. The look of bands and the nostalgic atmosphere of music, fashion, everyday life and design in general are my main sources of inspiration in this decade. I am continuously fascinated by the contrast between the colorful kith style of the 80s and the more underground look. My style is best defined as a mix between the spirit of youthful, retrospective inspirations with a tinge of humour. 

My design: 

Playful / Vintage cool/ Finding beauty in ugly or strange things


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Models: Diva Models
Photos: Sebastian Vistisen Toft