Dániel Rózsahegyi 

T+36 30 757 3687 
E: rozsahegyi.dani@gmail.com
Instagram: daniel_rozsahegyi

Dressing up has always been the perfect way to express myself. I choose to be a designer to share my passion for clothing and spread my design aesthetics among the youngsters of the world.

My collection

The Nutcracker collection draws a parallel between rough sports, male ballet and 1950s American college look. Capturing the spirit of the modern youth using a nostalgic perspective, it places modern youth it in a childish yet brutal universe that contrasts sporty looks with feminine details. This rebellious streetwear collection aims to recreate a bad boy appearance in a graphic and unique way.

My inspiration

Childhood and sportswear are the main inspirations for my designs that always fuse several contrasting inspirations. I love to break the rules of classical menswear and combine it with my own view on modern youth.

My design in 3 words

  • Outstanding Character
  • Sporty Look
  • Story Telling

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Models: Diva Models
Photos: Sebastian Vistisen Toft