Agata Doraczynska

T: + 48 601 996 163
Instagram: agata.doraczynska


I see fashion as an art - yet still as a wearable expression.


My collection:

The collection explores the different factors that make something seem improper or indecent, and why it is perceived this way. The concept is based on a research about the mainstream perception of vulgarity, which is usually identified with unsophisticated feelings and brings up negative connotations. The styles draw inspiration from various definitions of vulgarity translated into menswear and styling and redefined into contemporary streetwear fashion.


My inspiration:

I feel excited about pushing boundaries of ordinary clothing and the conventional appearance by constantly questioning the popularity of the classic menswear styles and the everyday standards. The collections usually embrace the concept by merging it with various art movements or youth subcultures.


My design in three words

Contemporary. Rough. Redefined.

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Models and look: Unique Models
Photos: Sebastian Vistisen Toft