Karo Kurrani & Ilva Indrikova 

Karo Kurrani:
T: + 45 42 21 27 31
E: karokurrani@gmail.com
Web: www.enclavemonarchy.dk
Instagram: karokurrani

Ilva Indrikova (Pattern Designer):
T: + 45 71 49 58 86
E: ilvaindrikova@gmail.com
Instagram: ilva.indrik
LinkedIn: ilva-indrikova-1170a67b/


My aspiration is that I might someday make my mark in the fashion world and help people to find their uniqueness and contrast in life.


My Collection

“Cosmic Arkestry” explores the idea of parallel universes as the main inspiration. We live in a multiverse where every plausible approach creates a new universe parallel to our own. What do we do with all the universes we have created? To combine both reality and its parallel in one image, we should create a new universe, where we blend both. With a futuristic perspective and non-traditional approach, based on the modern re-interpretation of classical elements, Cosmic Arkestry tries to blend both reality and its parallel in one image to show balanced modern aesthetics.


My inspiration

I get inspired by the universe and whatever it is in. Architecture and Scandinavian design are playing the main roles in my design universe. I love to explore subjects that have value to me and challenges me to create a universe that both inspires and connects with people.


My approach to design in three words:

Contrasts. Provocative. Uniqueness.


Why did you choose to be a Fashion Designer:

Ilva: I chose to study Pattern Design because I felt the need for educated professionals in the industry. It was also exciting for me personally to get the knowledge about the technical part of fashion and be confident that I will be able to deliver quality and functionality.

Karo: I believe that everyone has a fit in the universe and I believe with fashion I can bring something good for the people, something innovative, to make them inspired.

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Models and look: Unique Models
Photos: Sebastian Vistisen Toft