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14 talents, 14 styles

Meet the talented designers who are exhibiting their individual outfit as a comment to the state of the fashion industry, pointing out new and alternative ways of creating and defining apparel for a responsible future.

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Alisa Herajarvi

‘Sub-Zero Survivalist’ gathers the discarded materials from the universe of BLÖÖCK, where upcycling, material manipulation and zero waste concepts are crocheted into the future’s design solutions.


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Emma Aale Nielsen

“The First Species on Land” questions modern society’s consuming habits as the collection is made of 100% deadstock textiles, showing innovative material manipulations in untraditional ways.


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Caroline Tolstrup

Levn x Red Cross focuses on inspiring people to transition from linearity to circularity with creative solutions for how to upcycle and repair their own discarded clothes and create unique products.

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Mette Jeppesen

My collection, inspired by the word shell, is a contribution to longevity products as you constantly experience pleasure because of the sublime expression. It is created for people - not gender.

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Miroslav Cibula

Beton Brut is a non-seasonal collection heavily inspired by the fantasy novel The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, brutalist architecture, and rusty steel.


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Line Møller

The collection upcycles leftover materials of denim and leather. The label information is transparent, and durability is achieved through the emotional connection you will feel with the items.


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Zuzana Vrabelova

I create my own materiality inspired by my own universe. I create most of my fabrics myself - either by knitting, felting or patchworking the leather. The main materials used are wool, leather and fur.


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Tanja Jakobsen

ANNO 2057 is a comment on the industry’s lack of responsible decisions. ANNO 2057 rethinks our materials and production methods, creating sensorially pleasing garments that will last longer.


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Verena Branderhorst 

“Life through your eyes” is a collection aimed at drawing attention to depression with a main focus on exclusivity and tailoring using deadstock and alternative materials (apple leather)

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Patrycja Lis

Garments were crafted using upcycled and deadstock fabrics as a reminder to embrace every experience that shapes our unique personalities and to transform the past into something new and meaningful for us.


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Jessica Damgaard Skov 

'Welcome, the forgotten' represents the reconnection of humanity and nature. The collection is created entirely of leftover fabric such as carpets and upholstery with craftsmanship as the essence.


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Tillmann Hansen

The collection consists of transformative and multifunctional clothing and therefore is indefinable so customers can adapt the products to their needs and personality.


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Line Linde

A black slow fashion collection with timeless and durable designs inspired by the chaotic brain which all people experience at some point in their lives. 
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David Thuborg Andersen

A CONSTANT SEARCH  Inspired by memories from my youth, 2000’s hip hop culture and streetwear. Also inspired by my new-found interest in brutalist architecture and by a feeling of being the freshest kid in school.

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