Pavel Vlodarski


T: +45 50 32 00 35
Instagram: @vlodarski

I use my creativity every day and fashion is a medium that is very exciting and flamboyant. I enjoy being observant and being able to respond quickly to what is going on in the visual world.

My collection

The Polish Pope John Paul II died on 2 April 2005 at 21:37 CET. Since then, that exact time became a culture symbol and a meme of Catholicism in Poland. 21:37 is a manifesto against conservative politics in Poland. A humoristic science-fiction story about Poles escaping to a space in order to save their Catholic nation interpreted in a language of handicraft and nostalgic bits and pieces from Poland. My collection is meant to provoke and celebrate the absurdity of life.

Tactility and bizarre combinations of fabrics are the key elements in my collection. The collection displays a large variety of textures and finishes such as towel, faux fur, neoprene and custom-knitted jacquard. Perforated leather, raincoat material and neoprene are hand-embroidered to give the impression of homemade craft. Some fabrics are bonded to create stiff and interesting holds. Nylon is for example glued to wool.

My inspiration

I take inspiration in things that became ugly and unwanted. I am inspired by phenomena, gay culture, weird Internet finds, absurd and newest technologies. Unexpected juxtapositions always excite me.

My design in 3 words

Quirky, spontaneous, nostalgic


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Models: Diva Models
Photos: Sebastian Vistisen Toft