VIA Elitesport guidelines 

VIA Elite sport supports opportunities for elite athletes to pursue an education while training for and participating in elite sports. Read here what guidelines apply if you do NOT receive support from Team Danmark.

Who is it for?

Athletes, coaches and judges belonging to the national and international elite.

The target group is defined by participation in the best national/international series/league/group within the relative sport. Exceptions, following local decisions, may occur.

Processing the application and guidelines for support

  1. The student counsellor/study administration will consider the application for the requested educational programme based on your application (possibly in collaboration with VIA Elite sport) if your wish for an extended and/or flexible study programme is realistic and can be agreed upon.

  2. You yourself must take the initiative regarding the extension of a possible cooperation agreement by talking to the student counsellor in good time before the start of each semester. It is your duty to explain in writing your plans for the coming semester in relation to the sport you practise and how that will complement a realistic, compulsory study plan. To that end you must have written acceptance – an acceptance that allows for flexible cooperation – from your trainer and/or federation/club. You can, in cooperation with the educational programme, establish agreements that extend beyond 1 semester.

  3. Support is always assessed individually, from student to student, and is always subject to acceptance by the educational institution’s leadership and study counsellor. The support scheme and its opportunities are solely an issue between you, as a student, and the educational programme. Thus, the student’s club/agent/contact person cannot influence study-related decisions.

  4. VIA Elite sport strives, together with the local contact person, to provide financial means to support the student’s pursuit of both education and elite sport.

  5. You yourself can also (with the approval of your elite status as well as the preparation of a realistic study plan) contribute to the funding of the implementation of your study flexibility as required.

  6. An agreement is only valid for one semester unless practical study matters entail a longer agreement. A condition of admission depends solely on your initiative. You have an obligation to take the initiative for the extension of the agreement in good time before each semester. If your elite sport status changes or comes to an end, you are required to inform the educational programme’s student counsellor of same. Thereafter, you are expected to transition to study without special agreements and conditions.

  7. In addition, you must also meet the same study terms and conditions as those students who have an agreement with Team Denmark.