VIA Design and Business presents SUSTAIN:AR

With the help of augmented reality and 3D technology we are presenting the 2021 VIA Design and Business lookbook. Meet 17 talented graduates and experience their final collections from every angle no matter where you are in the world. 

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Download our augmented reality app: "SUSTAIN:AR" from App Store from january 28th to fill your living room with 3D avatars wearing the graduates' collections. Or scroll down to explore the collections in 3D no matter what device you are using.

Augmented Reality app and 3D models developed by Mannd. Photos by Max Rosborg.

Malthe Brydegaard Skram

"Sustainability is integrated throughout the collection, not only with the pure organic fibers, but also in the choice of textiles and buttons".
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Olivie Lyhning Nissen

"50% of the clothing industry's pollution occurs when the consumers wash their clothes. In this collection the products nudge the user to use alternative cleaning methods".
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Julie Bossen Herling

"The collection is based on a sustainable and responsible mindset. The collection is manufactured from pre-loved resources and decorated with leftover materials from the production".
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Bibi Waraporn Khajatphai Anuchat

"According to UN Sustainable Development Goals, I am addressing goals 1, 2, 10, and 16. I am fighting injustice which unfortunately is still an issue all over the world".
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Louise Kristiansen

"“Peculiar Wonders” are timeless and quality investment pieces, composed of materials from different sources, which originatinate from deadstock and upcycling".
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Mirjam Kalmann

"My goal is to make the consumer keep their garments longer and wear them multiple times by creating an emotional connection between the item and the user".
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Clara Aranda

"This collection is sustainable-oriented because of the transformability in the garments. The clothes adapt to different types of bodies or genres, always addressing a different type of look".
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Line Haagensen

"My collection address sustainability because I use long-term and recycled materials and materials that I find in thrift shops, so I use materials that exist, and make old clothes into something new and unique".
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Silvena Milcheva

"The black colour and avantgarde, seasonless silhouettes are making each and every piece from the collection timeless"
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Jakob Damgaard Andersen

"All the leather fabrics used in the collection are upcycled from 2nd assortment leather jackets. The cotton used in the collection is either Oeko-Tex or GOTS certified."
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Simone Lundell Christensen

"I have added short statements on the outside of the clothes. These encourage the users to act more sustainabe, for instance to airwash more."
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Søren Schou & Thomas Bak

"The sustainable aspect of this collection lies in the use of the fabric within. It pushes the boundaries for the use of bamboo-composed stock fabrics mixed with upcycled hand-patched fabrics".
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Ceren Elif Farzin

"Multiple possibilities in a single product can motivate consumers to keep and use products for a longer period of time, which will contribute to a more responsible and sustainable clothing consumption".
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Amalie Laigaard Prang

"The styles in the collection have different adjustable elements that extend the design by being able to make personal changes and thereby make a long-lasting design".
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Trine Nielsen

"My collection focuses on aesthetic sustainability (emotional value and timeless colours), which is used to add time and longevity to a product".
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Andzelika Kazbaraite 

"The main purpose of this collection was to upcycle already existing garments and use as many parts and details from them as possible".
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